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    June 2022
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    TF2 is good
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    Total 680
    Wins 573 (84.26%)
    Draws 50 (7.35%)
    Losses 57 (8.38%)
    Caps Made 110261
    Caps Against   31948
    Highest   680:70 vs [LoG]

    Current 50
    Winning 50
    Losing 3
    Random Quote
    [18:21] [Afx] http://www.ratemykitten.com/?kitten=4629 rofl lifeys cat
    As most of you already know, i've quit TF for real life :)
    Thank you BC for being great chaps and bringing me to another level of TF when i joined you. It's been really great, and i hope you'll do well in the future (As i can see youre on a 28 or sommat winning streak atm, and have more ppl in #bodycount than in #digwar just after i left, sigh :PPP)
    heh i especially wanna thank the following people:

    Disa for being one of the weirdest people i've ever met :) Oh and the guy with the "best" haircut.. And generally a nice and funny guy

    Afx for being probably the nicest guy in the TF community.

    Drak for owning his keyboard (Well either that or .. well lets just say he needs a dictionary :P) And being fun and nice too.

    Dimps for being gay in a funny way and also being a nice guy :P

    Wlz for being da gansta chimp of all time

    Eat for helping me with my english homework :)

    Luco for being funny and probably the most agressive guy ever :P wub wub

    Revz for being really nice and owning everyone on the forums, and being the "BC smart guy" :?

    Undz for being really really funny and being much like Dimps :P ... and for being the guy lighting me up when things werent going too well.

    Pathy for being my best inet friend, i can talk to him about anything... and for being a nice and funny guy :) Aww you homo Norgy :P come to denmark soon and we'll go get pissed and bone some girls :P

    Maceh for being one of the most lovable chimkeys ever :P wub woo maceh

    I'll really really miss you guys... Aww im almost gonna cry :?

    Oh btw im still gonna hang out on mIRC when im bored :p




    bye lordeh D::::::::;

    best tf solly ever :D even when i owned u on cz2 ages ago behind them boxes :D

    -Dimps (teh gay one)
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     :)   :)   :)   :)   :) 
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