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    TF2 is good
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    Total 680
    Wins 573 (84.26%)
    Draws 50 (7.35%)
    Losses 57 (8.38%)
    Caps Made 110261
    Caps Against   31948
    Highest   680:70 vs [LoG]

    Current 50
    Winning 50
    Losing 3
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    [23:06] [mase] however, i think i puked up a vital organ :/[23:07] [mase] oh yeh, and i fucking cut the back of my head when the bloody toilet seat fell on me :/
                       Home for the Holidays!!
    This week sees the return of some of our acadeic type folk. I hope this news article does not appear to be a cover for the comments I am about to write.
          Posted by Eat | View Comments (30) | Views: 88730 | New Comments: 30

                       Server stuff :-)
    As our server has become so popular so quickly I think it?s about time I constructed a server guide as im getting questions about the server left right and centre

    Will keep it simple and not get too technical as I just want you all to have fun without the server rules really being such a hindrance. With experience of being part of a successful server enterprise (needlessly big words trying to make this sound important?!) I am going to imply rules from the [SHS] + [DW] servers which are similar in context


    No aliasing
    No spamming
    No BT/mid-map DM nonsense
    No whining
    Play nice


    Shutdown 2 ,
    Roasted_l ?
    Crossover 2 ?

    ? looking into maybe changing these maps for others, I will try to get a poll up asap, what map would you like to see?


    =BC= members, possibly looking to recruit a select few from outside the clan who would play regular to help, if you feel like dropping me a line on this subject, AphexTwin <-

    Remember admins are playing primarily to have a good game, so if your kicked without reason or warning, feel free to whine and it will be ignored, infact if you have any complaints don?t come to #bodycount and spout them out, feel free to e-mail me where the more serious cases will be resolved!

    This server will also be used for clan games, and as we play most nights(bar weekends) it would most likely be used between the hours of 7:30pm and 9pm, depending on our start time, If this is the case I highly recommend the LBU or SAS| server, but then do come back when we make it public :P

    Any recommendations or suggestions about the server, or general flamage, drop me a line at the above e-mail address

    Right that?s the shite out of the way, reason I personally bought this server was to contribute back to community, as a whole, so do have fun :p

    ~ Server ~
    For your information this IS a server hosted by the company that bring you the uk?s biggest LAN parties, including i-series. They recently started there clan server beta with very competitive prices and nice pings (so I m told, I get 9-15 on scoreboard: P)

    http://gaming.multiplay.co.uk/clanserverbeta.php for more information on Multiplay.co.uk servers.


    Ben Woodward
          Posted by AphexTwin | View Comments (32) | Views: 101887 | New Comments: 32

                       Multiplay.co.uk :: =BC= Clanserver|28ms|
    Ok let?s try this again :O)

    We finally sorted our self a new server out, and agreed to help Multiplay.co.uk with there clan server beta program :O)

    Multiplay.co.uk :: =BC= Clanserver|66ms|

    It?s currently running in public mode, the rules are as other servers, no fucking about or face the consequences, no messing about or tking etc. I would write a proper MOTD but I really cant be arsed, just play nice.

    Map rotation is as follows(do give us feedback, I?d like to get a more comprehensive map rotation going, as this one is what me, Afx and Mercutio just slung together in 5 minutes)

    Shutdown 2 ,
    Crossover 2

    Any of the above maps you don?t seem to have in your collection, pay a visit to www.aphexual.co.uk then downloads => tfc maps

    Any suggestions regarding the server, please e-mail or grab me in IRC, this server has just been set up so any problems, do give me a shout.

    Most of all, Have fun! :P

          Posted by AphexTwin | View Comments (17) | Views: 56883 | New Comments: 17

                       *E*Ch00* joins =BC= :D
    Now that [MDB] have sadly split Ch00 ([MDB]Chief) has decided to see the light and join our merry band of chimps as def soldier, great to have u aboad mate and hope you enjoy youself :F

          Posted by Mercutio | View Comments (53) | Views: 161314 | New Comments: 53

                       My opinion

    Rules are nice. Rules make things more controlable.
    But what happens if you have to many rules?
    People are gonna interpret rules their way, they are gonna forget rules, and people will work around the rules because one rule will neutralize the other.

    So where am I going with this? ECTFC.
    It's obvious the admins tried/try to do their best. But TFC nowadays seems to be much more about whining and flaming more than anything else. There's whine when someone BT's.
    There's whine when someone hits too well. There's whine when someone uses a lame tactic.
    And now there's rules that try to stop BT and lame tactics. Why? Because otherwhise people'd whine.
    Play the game as you and your team like. [I am not saying cheat and use bugs, this is something that shouldn't be allowed ofcourse]. Don't try to control the game to much with so many rules. If you have a good team, you can beat lama tactics and you can beat BT'ers. There's so much
    BS going on around TFC, its pathetic.
    I could write so much more, but im not gonna. I'm just gonna say: Dont whine and be a good sport, it's cool if the other team plays fair too, but dont demand it. At least you were a sport!
    PS: I wrote this speaking for myself, not my clan. And with everything i say i exclude cheats/bugs etc, those should never be allowed!


    [ Edited by Eagle at 26 Nov, 2002 (13:33:31) ]
          Posted by Eagle | View Comments (37) | Views: 112255 | New Comments: 37

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