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                       Nemesis Hook
    Well this things been around for quite a while(didnt use it myself cos i wasnt really sure about whether it was legal) And since i havnt noticed an awful lot of other ppl talking about it either i figure it aint too well known,Or people know about it and use it on the quiet ;)

    Nemesis Hook

    I just noticed a news post on Vitality saying its legal so ill just cut and paste what theyve said:

    There have been some debat about a little program that you can add to your TFC, a so called hook. Most hooks as we know them are cheat hooks which contain wallhacks or other nasty stuff. This hook however is the opposit and adds a few nice features.

    1. fog removal in water (removes the difference between a d3d and opengl user on well)
    2. flagtimer - see how long the flag have been dropped (not unlike the old YWZ timer from germany or a simple watch)
    3. clock (what time is it)
    4. Crosshair (a big fat green one, if you dont like your own)
    5. winamp control
    6. removal of message mode 1 chat (get red of the other teams annoying chat)
    7. some other features see more on the site http://www.nemesishook.cjb.net/

    Is this allowed in Vitality? yes it is. Some admins like it some dont, but all agree it cannot be looked at as a cheat. If you got questions about it you can talk to Phero who usually is around in #kosm

    Im not altogether sure of my thoughts on it,But i figure if its out there then everyone should know about it...Id be interested in peoples opinions :)

    [ Edited by Afx at 21 May, 2002 (23:50:29) ]
          Comments: 26 | Views: 33551 | Unlock


    LoneGun at 22.05.2002 (01:29:21) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    Not sure that many people knew about it too be honest Afx, we had been mailed about it around a month or so ago but didn't publicise it on Vitality site before as we were waiting for them to take a few bits out of the original release. Hopefully people will see this as a helpful tool rather than just proclaiming it a cheat due to it being an external proggy.

    Defrag at 22.05.2002 (03:47:17) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    I'm not gonna touch it purely because it's a hook. I also think the fog removal is pretty questionable... I hope they've taken the wallhack for specmode out too (false positives ahoy) as well as a few other things.

    Only thing I think is ok/useful = winamp control + flag timer.

    steff at 22.05.2002 (03:55:31) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    I was going to consider banning it from WPTFCL, as tbh its a hook, and can be modifyed to work as a wallhack quite easily.

    I really think all hooks should be banned because of the way they work, and how they can be modifyed, and if someone gets caught for this, or a modified version of this with a wallhack, whos to say :/

    Defrag at 22.05.2002 (04:05:36) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    well one person at least (Tfx) has already claimed they were using Nemises when they were banned for a detected cheat... LG says they've taken the wallhack out since, but with valve anticheat apparently being updated of late, who's to say what'll be flagged and what won't be flagged?

    I would personally just ebb on the side of caution, who's gonna believe you if you get banned from a server for a detected cheat file because you were using a "legit" hook?

    Use at your own risk, I guess.

    TurgidLeafMan at 22.05.2002 (09:56:20) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    I agree with defrag, it sounds pretty cool apart from the bit about the fog removal, that scared me into not even downloading it to try it. However the timer for the flag return looks incredibly useful, is there anyway of getting an automatic timer that doesnt use a 'hook' (whatever tf that is :D)?

    the winamp and clock extras sound a little naff to me, im only interested in the flag timer
    [ Edited by TurgidLeafMan at 22 May, 2002 (09:57:56) ]

    DanS at 22.05.2002 (11:09:04) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    why would u need a time for the flag return turg? the nme never touch our flag, ever?! :)

    Defrag at 22.05.2002 (12:14:25) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    'cause it helps time your resup runs dan :p

    Wid at 22.05.2002 (13:05:27) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    Wouldn't mind the flag timer tbh the clock is a good idea but im fortunate to have a watch, dun't really care about winamp cus I can change it via my Microsoft Internet keyboard.

    But the fog removal, any sod can take it and configure it so it will dew many other things which are illegal in the game.

    Best ban it imo, ok its not a cheat but the code can be messed about with to enable the user to cheat and if he/she gets caught they can say "its only the Nemesis proggy" and they are in the clear.

    Ok its a program designed as an aid gamers, but it can also be a front for cheaters to cheat.

    Afx at 22.05.2002 (13:12:50) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    Personally i wont be using it(mainly for the reasons defrags stated i.e that you just know either csguard or the hl anti cheat..when they bother to get it working in tfc is gonna flag it)
    Also the only truely useful part of it is the flagtimer...And tbh if uve played TFC for any length of time you more or less know by instinct when a flags about to return.

    Anu at 22.05.2002 (13:16:06) Quote | IP Logged | Edit | Delete
    Umm this program has been looked at in the UKTFCL aswell and it was agreed (mostly) that if the spec/wallhack was removed it would be ok.

    Now with the new version i think it's been passed for use in the UKTFCL, mer persoanall will never use it as i can generally guesstimate when a flag is gonna return and also own several watches and clocks + i play tfc in a window so use the map timer on hlsw, the winamp thing um maybe i'd want this thats about it. :)

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