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    TF2 is good
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    Total 680
    Wins 573 (84.26%)
    Draws 50 (7.35%)
    Losses 57 (8.38%)
    Caps Made 110261
    Caps Against   31948
    Highest   680:70 vs [LoG]

    Current 50
    Winning 50
    Losing 3
    Random Quote
    [23:09] [LordDW] a while back at a m8s place we got really drunk and on the way to the toilet I saw his mum but I thought it was my m8 looking weird so I went over to her and yelled "ROI!!11, WHATS HAEPPENED TO YUO?!?!?!!!!"
                       /me = teh quit
    After like full 3 years or something of TFC and some great fun.

    I'm playing 99% CPM and 1% TFC now and i can't find the motivation to continue TFC, so CPM full time :P

    CPM is Challenge Pro Mode, a mod for Q3 with cool physics ( www.promode.org ).

    Thx to all my BC's m8s.

          Posted by BladeSpirit | View Comments (11) | Views: 9924 | New Comments: 11

    And its actually living up to expectations. I dont think anyone (especially aphex and skins) thought senegal could beat france but they did - what at opener. The other 2 games have also been decent. Ireland played like stars in the 2nd half and were very unlucky not to lose. Fernandez' goal has to be the best so far but unfortunately it didnt stop lordy's fellow bretheren stealing all the points. Cant wait til tomorrow when england play the norgy wannabees. Then a nice BBQ in the sun and a few beers, doesnt get much better than this :D

    [ Edited by Eat at 01 Jun, 2002 (12:24:17) ]
          Posted by Eat | View Comments (3) | Views: 3428 | New Comments: 3

                       Blatent Pimpage
    Well with the UKTFCL start date still about a month away and BWTFCL start date not yet announced.
    I thought I'd take the opportunity to do a bit of pimping for another league which I run with a few other muppets.
    We are currently looking for more clans to join Vitality TFC. For those that haven't seen or heard of it yet here is a brief description of how the league works.

    Clans are placed into divisons applicable to their current skill level(hopefully) they then play 1 game each monday at 8.30 pm CET (7.30 pm GMT). The match is played over 2 rounds on 1 map and the winner is decided by the total caps scored.

    If anyone is interested in joining please add clan details to This Thread. If you have any other questions in regards to the league then come to #vitality-admin on quakenet and speak to one of the ops.

    ** Copied from the DW site
          Posted by Lifeless | Add Comment | Views: 1437 | New Comments: 0

                       Happy Birthday!
    Happy Birthday to Disa, 24 today..least i think its today :p, Try as we might we aint been able to tempt the old fart..Sorry old sk00l soldier back to TFC(and i cant see it happening till all grenades are removed and they remove the need to reload from soldiers :P) So happy birthday pal :)

    Its also DanS, eats ,saltz and lordys birthdays(least i think it is :p) in the space of about the next week....They can fook off if they all expect a news piece too though ;x
          Posted by Afx | View Comments (4) | Views: 4099 | New Comments: 4

                       Not much happening
    Not much going on league wise atm so were playing plenty of friendlies, Got some 5v5 BW thing kicking off at the weekend too though so that should make a nice change(some unusual maps)

    On another note it seems as though Nemesis(from the news piece below) has become fairly accepted in UK Tfc, Still not too sure about it myself so ill keep away, Im pretty sure its been banned in some(all?) German tfc leagues as well....

    Theres been quite a lot of discussion about it on most TFC forums from planetfortress to United admins(makers of hlguard anticheat) and the latter seem to be making a move towards kicking anyone running nemesis from hlg servers.
    This combined with the fact that the valve anticheat(soon to be activated for tfc) also kicks all hooks(Mirage got kicked from a cs server cos he left link to nemesis in his ase command line :p) means its fairly useless to even begin running it imo.

    Finally from checking out the The catacombs i came across another nemesis esque client hook, It doesnt do anything any worse than the nemesis hook so i dont see a prob in giving out the link, heres a bit of info on it too:

    Basically the instructions I posted were:
    - unzip to Half-Life\sparkyutils
    - run sparky.exe
    - play as normal
    - you have the following extra console commands which can be bound to keys or typed in console:

    bregisterwonids - records the wonids of everyone on the server and also reports any other names associated with those ids in your console (use with developer 2 for best results)

    bspeedo - toggles the speedometer, showing current speed, theoretical maximum speed, and a percentage of the two

    btoggletimers - shows the round timer, and user timer (described below)

    bstarttimer - starts/stops the user timer, which works like a stopwatch

    Heres the link Download

    Again as i said about nemesis, Use it if you want but i cant see it working for much longer :)
          Posted by Afx | View Comments (1) | Views: 2315 | New Comments: 1

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