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    August 2019
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    TF2 is good
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    Total 680
    Wins 573 (84.26%)
    Draws 50 (7.35%)
    Losses 57 (8.38%)
    Caps Made 110261
    Caps Against   31948
    Highest   680:70 vs [LoG]

    Current 50
    Winning 50
    Losing 3
    Random Quote
    [14:36] [Undz] i was gonna go out tonite but im covered in spots :(((
    Well havin a pretty shitty day here and whilst i really dont think i ought to have to explain myself i guess i must:
    <a href="http://www.body-count.org/screens/sublinestowfriendly041001.jpg">Subline Stow_l Screen</a>

    Thats an end of game screenshot from a recent BC friendly,And for some fuckin reason you can see a soldier thru the door....I cant explain how this happened at all,I can only tell people the truth and that is that ive never ever cheated at tfc...It makes me sick to read about the bullshit that some ppl do to get ahead in this game but its never even crossed my mind to cheat in the game ive spent so much of my time trying to get good at.

    I know my clanmates believe me and ive spoken to ppl like roundie and fuse from the ectfc and ETFCL whove assured me they believe its a gfx bug of some kind but i know an awful lotve ppl will look upon me now as a cheat....Now i know the opinions of ppl i dont know shouldnt matter but ive always tried to be a good clean player so to hear some of the things ive heard on irc tonight has really got me down :/

    99% of the screenshots on this site come from my computer and ive got over 10 demos on the BC site alone along with a few more on BS's <a href="http://democenter.opticpower.com/">democenter</a>,Ive used Punkbuster on countless occasions and still im being suspected :(

    Theres nothing i can say i guess if ppl make their minds up one way or another other than to say that ive never cheated in TFC.


    Cant believe some of these cunts who are accusing Afx of cheating - even though they are in the same clan as known cheaters. Anyway cya at the next world cup ya bellends. If ever you have any doubts that Afx is a cheat go download his LBU demo from democntre - pure ownage.


    its not a cheat of course cos if it was u would be able to see the resup bags as well, and secondaly im sure if Afx did cheat he would be much more consioucous about uploading pics everygame, i never saw that myself, i just look at the scores on screenies, thirdly it would be nice for ppl to get some ideas of what they are talking about before coming into irc and making accusations without SOLID evidence, but u prolly would never consider other peoples feelings, as u can see Afx is pretty hung up about this and this coulda been avoided if it was approached in the right way


    It is quite funny how quick some people are to try and discredit someone as good as Afx. You can only think that they are jealous or something. If you accuse Afx of cheating then you accuse most of the team of cheating. This is due in no small part to the fact that we have met each other in real life and played TFC together face to face.

    I can hazard a guess as to who it was who has made these accusations, and if I'm right that just makes it all the more ludicrous. Also, if someone wants to post the IP (yes the forum logs *all* IPs) of whoever the cowardly "GoodCop" is on our forums then I can do a pretty good job of finding out who it is. Yes I have a great respect for anonymous posters.....
    (sorry it was copkiller who i was thinking of -eat).


    I aint got a clue whats been goin on in irc other than what Ive just read on the site.

    but what ever happens ive never thought Afx cheated :-( and i dont care what anyone else says.

          Posted by Afx | View Comments (2) | Views: 3883 | New Comments: 2

                       BECKS = GOD
    This man hath given us hope an a good reason to get drunk next summer. So let us take this moment to pray for our new messiah, Golden Balls.
    <img src="http://homepage.ntlworld.com/eat_this/becks.jpg"></center>



    Beckham 2 - 2 Greece :0 Can't say I'll miss Germany in the WC ;)

    - Path

    (P.S. do you guys wub me again now? :) )


    football fans are so fickle - i thought everyone hated him cos he kicked someone and lost us the world cup or sommat

    any way engerland played shite and are so not gonna even get into the semis of the WC



    Dimps=Gay :p

          Posted by Eat | Add Comment | Views: 2395 | New Comments: 0

                       BarryServer - =BC=

    Aflixinat0r forked out for the 1st months rental of our clan server again :>. Just been playing on it and it was spanky - 12 ping for me :E
          Posted by Eat | Add Comment | Views: 1725 | New Comments: 0

                       w00000t fr0gl0rd returns1!!
    Bladespirit has finally returned home to BodyCount :D:D:D:D:D:D::D:D:D


    BS = win!

          Posted by Afx | Add Comment | Views: 1720 | New Comments: 0

    Just felt compelled to write this and here seemed as good a place as any.
    Just read <a href="http:///UKTFCL.far2cool.com/columns.asp?UserID=279">Roundies</a> column on the UKTFCL and whilst i respect everyone has their own opinions and a right to express them i feel that when they voice them on a league page they should at least try not to spout crap :) and that i also have an equal right to "retort"
    My annoyance rests on this particular remark:
    "Clan like BC and SHS would be my farvorites to step down from the top clans"

    Makes me laugh that you feel this about 2 teams that amongst them made up 75% of the the *E* team who got to your ECTFC final(POST BHOP) and the fact that in BC's case weve all been playin tfc for nigh on 2years and were challenging for the etfcl(i think we reached the final of s2 before we even knew what bhop was...)
    But never let fact stand in the way of bullshit(sorry opinion) eh :)
    Im prolly bein over defensive but when people talk blatant shite about =BC= i get annoyed,The day we "step down" is the day tfc is dead or when we simply cant be arsed anymore cos of valves continual fucking with the game engine ..But it wont be yet :p




    HAHA u tell him Afxje :PP

    " Eat - lol wtf is he on about? we werent even in S1 ETFCL"

    now thats what i call fucking smart :PPPPPP


    and if im not mistaken, twas juster the l33t Tj spy, and domino was an exceptional scout :>
    maybe im wrong? D;

          Posted by Afx | Add Comment | Views: 1862 | New Comments: 0

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