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    TF2 is good
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    Total 680
    Wins 573 (84.26%)
    Draws 50 (7.35%)
    Losses 57 (8.38%)
    Caps Made 110261
    Caps Against   31948
    Highest   680:70 vs [LoG]

    Current 50
    Winning 50
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    [20:05] [Luc0] and my piemols in lifeys ass
                       Toet toet birthday!
    Nar just turned 18 today and got wads and wads of cash. Happy birthday Thomas!

    [ Edited by Nar at 01 Aug, 2003 (22:00:40) ]
          Posted by Eat | View Comments (11) | Views: 13414 | New Comments: 11

                       ETAC ban anyone?
    The European TeamFortress Admin Council has decided to ban yours truly.
    The ban states that the #bc2 log shows information to me using interp(read: interp, no value specified) one map versus the clan BAD on 11-5-2003 (reference: http://www.body-count.org/results.php?action=details&warid=666 ). The ban also states that I admitted to using interp. So to sum it up: My entire ban happened on IRC/forums, without any TFC coming in the picture.

    Golden boy from Belgium, Fuse!

    Here is where the story starts. A player/admin whom I?ve not had much contact with, and vice versa. What I do know is that he always had a grudge for my former clan UE. This on itself proves nothing of course, but it shows there?s a history here.

    Damn BAD lost again!

    The #bc2 logs were released! Of course good reading for most people. This was also the case for Fuse. But what did the logs show? Eagle & Mick interped against BAD. Mind you, Fuse was in BAD at that time, so that takes care of his impartial status.
    But what appears to be the case? None other than Fuse started the ETAC thread/discussion to ban me.

    Twisted Truth

    As soon as I heard this was the case, I contacted Fuse on IRC. The first thing I said was this: ?ik ga nie ontkennen dat ik interp 1 helft gebruikt heb zeker niet.? Translated: ?I am not going to deny that I used interp for 1 half for sure? (this sentence is a bit twisted, you can interpret it in more ways, Dutch and English.) Clearly Fuse interpreted this sentence as an admittance.
    This was not the case though, I merely said that so the conversation would not be about that (I also explained to Fuse why I said ?interp for 1 half,? it was to make sure we were on the same page about it.)

    Ehm Eagle? SO?

    What we?ve got here is an IRC log from BladeSpirit who was kicked from/left BC, and a so called admittance to a not so very impartial admin. Got credibility?
    Did ETAC think about this? About how that would look, about how solid their case would be? Apparently not. ETAC is supposed to be an impartial ?admin council,? yet the only one I talked to was Fuse.

    Wrap it up, will you

    A lot of what I wanted/want to say has not been said yet. But making this to long of a story will not benefit anyone. To conclude this then: I want to say that I haven?t used interp since default was mandatory. EVEN though it is designed to compensate for packet loss(you will not know until you?ve played with this connection yourself.) I am not judging ETAC for bringing in a default interp rule, I am judging them for how they went about this case. If you see how hard it was for pilsy to get banned due to lack of evidence, and how easy I am banned? Please?? I am not looking for an unban either (where it is fair, but would harm credibility of ETAC.) I would like to see some support though from people, just to know that I?ve been heard.

    Thanks for your interest,

          Posted by Eagle | View Comments (100) | Views: 77726 | New Comments: 100

                       Another trophy, Another birthday!
    Well we won the WPTFCL league a few weeks back but only recently got our trophy, So here it is :)


    Also it was Mase's birthday a little while back(soz i forgot pal :P)
    So anyway in honour of his 20th bday hes a pic of the man himself:
          Posted by Afx | View Comments (5) | Views: 6376 | New Comments: 5

                       Fkin ell, Another one!
    Another birthday(im sick of doing these posts :P), This time its our froggy Spaniard pal Mata's birthday, Hes 22 today :D

    Anyway as a birthday present to him ill pimp his demo :P

          Posted by Afx | View Comments (11) | Views: 12087 | New Comments: 11

                       Happy birthday mercution!
    Another bloody birthday!
    Happy birthday to Mercutio who is 19 today :D, To those of you who dont know much about our shade wearing engy pal well i think this pic Nar made sums him up pretty well :)


    On a final note, As its his birthday merc has decided to give out his much sought after mercuhax configs to anyone who pm's him so please go right ahead :E
          Posted by Afx | View Comments (12) | Views: 18333 | New Comments: 12

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